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Nov. 2021

Hi MetroHacker!

Thank you for registering for MetroHacks 2021!

I am super excited to see you at MetroHacks on Sunday (11/21) at 9AM, but there are just a few steps you need to complete before then.

MetroHacks Pre-Event

  • Follow along with the video tutorial if needed (
  • Register for a Discord account (
  • Join the MetroHacks 2021 Discord Server (
  • Send a message containing your email in the #verify channel
  • Introduce yourself in the #introductions channel and find teammates!
    • Up to 4 members per team
    • All members must be in the same age group (UNDER 18 or 18+)

MetroHacks Workshop Schedule - Sneak Peek

Please keep in mind that the below schedule is subject to change.

10:00 | Yu Meng | How to Participate in MetroHacks 2021

11:00 | Xuan Zhao | Programming Languages - From Assembly to Java & C#

12:00 | Neil Song | Introduction to Git, JavaScript, and Python

1:15 | Jeffrey Liu | Web App Development with React

2:30 | Neil Song | Universal Mobile App Development with React Native

3:45 | Anthony Wang | Machine Learning with Cloud Compute

5:00 | Jennifer Xiao | IaC with Terraform, Git, and Azure DevOps

6:15 | Brandon Wang & Kevin Meng | How Did We Win HackMIT 2020

Please email [email protected] if you have any questions; we are more than happy to answer them.

See you at MetroHacks,
Neil Song & Vincent Tsai

Neil Song

Executive Director

Vincent Tsai

Head of Internal Development